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June 2015 Board Meeting Highlights

2014-2016 CNA Board of Directors

FRONT ROW: Rajet Anand (CNSA), Barb Shellian (president-elect), Karima Velji (president), Anne Sutherland Boal (CEO), Sean Secord (YRNA)
BACK ROW: Sharon Baxter and Carole Dilworth (public representatives), Julie Fraser (ARNBC), Signy Klebeck (SRNA), Vanessa Burkoski (RNAO), Regina Coady (ARNNL), Pamela Hawranik, (assoc. member representative), Darline Cogswell (NANB), Patricia Benjaminson (CRNM), Jocelyn Reimer-Kent (assoc. member representative), Jacquelyn Garden-Jayasinghe (CRNNS), Rob Nevin (RNANT-NU), Nancy MacFadyen (ARNPEI), Shannon Spenceley (CARNA)

Retirement Plan (CNARP)

The board accepted the recommendation of the finance and audit committee (FAC), that the interest rate risk-management strategy for CNARP be revisited at the next FAC meeting and discussed at the November 2015 board meeting.

2015 Auditors

The assembly of members approved the appointment of Collins Barrow Ottawa LLP as auditors for the 2015 fiscal year, following the recommendation of the board.

Joint Statement on Palliative Care

The board reviewed the joint position statement on the palliative approach to care and the role of the nurse and suggested changes that will be reviewed and presented for approval at an upcoming meeting.

Election of Members to the Board

During the meeting of members on June 9, the following individuals were elected as members of the board for a two-year term:

  • Zachary Matieschyn, president of the Association of Registered Nurses of British Columbia, Class A member.
  • Shannon Spenceley, president of the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (re-elected for a second term), Class A member.
  • Linda Wasko-Lacey, president of the Saskatchewan Registered Nurses’ Association, Class A member.
  • Brenda Kinney, president-elect of the Nurses Association of New Brunswick, Class A member.
  • Dawn Tisdale, president of the Canadian Nursing Students’ Association (one-year term), Class B member.
  • Judy Simpson, Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties, Class C member.

The CNA officers and board paid tribute to departing board members Rajet Anand, Signy Klebeck, Darline Cogswell, Julie Fraser, Jocelyn Reimer-Kent and Sharon Baxter during a dinner.

CNA staff members look forward to working with the new board members.

Public Representative Elected to the Board

William Thomas (Tom) Bursey was elected as a public representative to our board. He is currently vice-president and chief financial officer of the Council of Canadian Academies and part-time executive director of the Canadian Academy of Health Sciences. As a financial and human resources professional, he is a fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario (FCPA, FCMA) and an honorary life member of the Human Resources Professionals Association, twice winning the Vision Award for outstanding contributions to the profession.

Home is Health

The board prepared to actively participate in the 2015 federal election campaign to influence and advocate for its Home is Health platform.

2015 Federal Election: It’s the Voters’ Choice

CNA president Karima Velji (third from left), after the political “water cooler discussion,” joins CNA CEO Anne Sutherland Boal (far left), Summa Strategies vice-presidents Jim Armour and Robin MacLachlan, CNA president-elect Barb Shellian and Summa consultant Lindsay Doyle (far right).
Summa Strategies political experts Jim Armour, Robin MacLachan and Lindsay Doyle led a “water cooler discussion” facilitated by Marc Bourgeois, CNA’s director of public affairs and member engagement.

The panelists, all frequent guests on CBC’s Power and Politics with Evan Solomon and CTV’s Power Play, offered their perspectives on the Conservative, Liberal and New Democratic 2015 federal election campaign strategies and activities and on how CNA’s Home is Health platform fits into the leaders’ national vision.

While the parties are focusing on issues such as public security and the economy, it was suggested that Canadian voters had an opportunity to provide valuable input into their platforms.

Report from the Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties

The board received the inaugural report from the Canadian Network of Nursing Specialities, which emphasized the principles of gaining strength in numbers, collaboration and communication, as well as knowledge dissemination.

Committee on Recognition Recommends New Awards

CNA’s committee on recognition proposed new award categories for further development. CNA staff will now examine these proposals for feasibility.

Categories include awards for students, emerging leaders, friends of CNA, humanitarians, direct care providers, interprofessional teams, national unity/identity, international focus, advocacy and political action, and excellence in diversity and inclusion.