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National Expert Commission

The National Expert Commission, established by the Canadian Nurses Association in May 2011, has released its final report, entitled A Nursing Call to Action: The health of our nation, the future of our health system.

A Nursing Call to Action suggests a fundamental shift in how health and health care is funded, managed and delivered in Canada.

CNA’s action plan: Generating better health for all 
To learn more about how CNA is bringing the National Expert Commission’s recommendations to life, watch our videos: A Nursing Call to Action and Update on the National Expert Commission (a narrated PowerPoint), which outlines the various projects CNA has undertaken since the report’s publication that are helping to improve the health-care system and the health of our nation.

Notes: Update on the National Expert Commission (PDF) [PDF, 432.1 KB]

More about the National Expert Commission

Drawing on extensive consultations, the Commission recommends ways to optimize nursing contributions to the health of Canadians and brings new evidence and nursing perspectives to the current debate about how to most effectively transform our national health-care system.

Responding to the call for better health, better care and better value, the National Expert Commission has framed a 9-Point Action Plan that addresses the evolving health-care needs of Canadians, the challenges of demographic change and the enormous opportunities presented by new technologies, evidence-based practice, collaboration and the caring capacity and expertise of Canada’s nurses. Read the report now.