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Group Learning Activities

Group learning is an important continuing professional development (CPD) activity for nurses. It provides an opportunity to confirm or expand areas of knowledge and identify potential new therapies or approaches for practice. It also enables nurses to share practice issues or experiences with peers.

Group learning activities held in Canada — such as conferences, symposia, workshops and seminars — must be reviewed by CNA to be approved for CNA accreditation. This applies to either face-to-face or web-based activities, which must be developed or co-developed by a nursing organization.

Since a web-based learning activity is different from a face-to-face one, certain policies apply to ensure it is of high value to the participant:

  1. You must provide an opportunity for interaction between participants and course faculty/facilitators (e.g., the ability to e-mail a question). Participants must be able to observe the interaction of other participants with the course faculty/facilitator. Acceptable options for interaction include:
    • Discussion forums and chat groups
    • Teleconferencing and videoconferencing
    • Twitter and e-mail
  2. Participants must log on to the interactive component to claim credit.
  3. Certificates of participation can only be given to participants if they have logged on to the interactive component for the course.