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Board Representative Responsibilities

Responsibilities to the CNA board:

  • Attends meetings (three per year, two days each) and participates on monthly teleconferences
  • Addresses issues critical to nursing and health care
  • Participates in informed decision-making
  • Serves on committees as required (in person or by teleconference at the call of the chair)

Responsibilities to the Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties:

  • Co-chair network meetings (minimum four times per year)
  • Chairs the network advisory committee
  • Participates in the CNA Certification Program advisory committee’s monthly meetings
  • Communicates network priorities, key messages and plans (from the CNA board to network members and from network members to the CNA board)
  • Facilitates network members’ participation in activities endorsed by the network and the CNA board
  • Participates in the evaluation of network activities