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National Nursing Week

Nurses: With you every step of the way

National Nursing Week 2016 runs from May 9-15


Hang your poster with pride and start planning for National Nursing Week!

The poster is printed on oversized glossy paper and is bilingual, with French on one side and English on the other. Available for purchase in packs of 5, 10, 25. You can also download for free [PDF, 624.6 KB] and print your own copies.

Share your National Nursing Week 2016 events

Add your event to our Events page and let the whole nursing community know about it! It’s a great way to promote your event and show others how you’re celebrating nursing.

Celebrating National Nursing Week 2016

Across the country, employers, nursing associations, unions and nursing schools are making plans for events to honour the nursing profession. Visit our May 2016 Events page and see what’s going on across the country and all around you.

Looking for ideas?

  • Have a series of lunch-and-learn sessions where nurses from different practice areas present on their role and responsibilities
  • Include this article in your workplace newsletter or on your website
  • Invite a nursing leader to present on a topic of interest to colleagues or community gatherings
  • Plan a social evening with all the nurses in your organization
  • Display nursing artifacts, such as school hats, pins and uniforms, in a prominent area of your workplace
  • Take to social media and share your thoughts on the NNW theme by using the #NNW2016 hashtag
  • Offer to conduct a nursing career session at a local school
  • Suggest story ideas or offer to be interviewed by your local media, focusing on stories related to the NNW theme

Canada acknowledges and thanks nurses

CNA was delighted to receive NNW messages from Governor General David Johnston and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the nurses of Canada. Their letters acknowledge and thank nurses for their expertise, professionalism and dedication to keeping Canadians healthy.

Read the messages:
Governor General David Johnston [PDF, 254.2 KB] (bilingual)
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau [PDF, 119.6 KB] (bilingual)

Thank-you notes…

Show your gratitude to the nurses you work with or who provide you with care by using the #NNW2016 hashtag on social media.

Or go a “step” further: Take a cue from Ottawa radio host “Stuntman” Stu Schwartz and tell us how a nurse has been “with you every step.”

After his leukemia diagnosis, Schwartz soon realized the value of nurses as his treatment journey progressed. As a shout-out to nurses, he recorded a National Nursing Week video.

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National Nursing Week 2016

May 9-15 will be the dates for National Nursing Week 2016, alongside International Nurses Day and Florence Nightingale’s birthday, May 12.

The Canadian Nurses Association theme, Nurses: With you every step of the way, emphasizes how important nurses are in our lives — at every age, in all health situations, for all Canadians.

With more than 406,000 regulated nurses in Canada, the largest of any health provider group, nurses are the backbone of our health system. This week, we recognize the profession for their dedication and commitment to making Canada a healthier nation.

Send your thanks to the nurses in your life by using the hashtag #NNW2016 on Twitter. Or visit cna-aiic.ca to learn more about the many ways nurses are with Canadians every step of the way.