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Kathleen Fyvie

Kathleen is a family nurse practitioner working in a multidisciplinary acute trauma team responsible for the care and management of people with multi-system traumatic injuries. She was on the BCNPA board from 2007-2011 serving as president elect, president and past-president, and has held numerous leadership roles on various committees within BCNPA over the last decade. She is currently serving her second term as president of BCNPA. She also sits on other NP committees including the MOH Encounter Code Working Group and currently sits on the CRNBC NP Exam Committee. She is passionate about delivering quality health care to all British Columbians and committed to working to ensure that NPs will continue to grow in B.C .to increase access to health care in both primary care and acute care settings. She is the province’s leading expert in the implementation of the NP role in emergency and trauma settings and is a tireless advocate for NPs across the province. She has provided integral leadership for both nurses and NPs from the inception of the NP role in B.C. in 2005 until the present, where she continually demonstrates her passion and recognition of the importance the NP role brings to patients in B.C. Kathleen is a dedicated nursing leader who is always a consummate professional very deserving of this recognition and award.