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Call for Nominations

The call for nominations is closing soon!

Please read our criteria below before submitting your nomination.

General guidelines

In fairness to each nominee, we ask that every nominator follow these general guidelines:

  • Completed nominations must include supporting documents.
  • Each nominee will be assessed solely on the information in their nomination form. Please do not include phrases such as “see attached C.V.” when specific information is requested.
  • Each nominee must meet certain eligibility requirements.
  • You can only nominate a person in one of the five nursing domains.
  • This award may be given posthumously.

Demographic information

You will be asked to provide both your and the nominee’s name, employer information, position, full address, telephone number and CNA membership details.

Eligibility requirements

The following mandatory eligibility requirements apply (not applicable for nominees who are deceased):

  • The nominee is a nurse in good standing with their provincial/territorial regulatory body. Confirmation letter or e-mail required.
  • The nominee has not previously received an award for another domain or for the Jeanne Mance Award. The award may also be made posthumously.
  • The nominee has paid the CNA membership fees either through their jurisdiction or the independent or emeritus nurses group.
  • The nominee has consented to the nomination.
  • The nominee has been informed that his or her name will be made public if they receive an award.
  • The nominee is a Canadian resident.

Summary of experience and major accomplishments

You will be asked to provide descriptions of the nominee’s work experience and other major accomplishments (volunteer activities, awards, etc.). Each of these can be a maximum of 150 words.

Summary of specific accomplishments

You must provide three 300-word (maximum) summaries of the nominee’s specific accomplishments related to the Order of Merit awards.

The first summary will show how the nominee has made a significant and innovative contribution to the health care of Canadians by

  • creating or assisting in the organization and implementation of new health care/education/research programs; and
  • demonstrating expertise that results in a marked improvement in the health-care delivery system.

The second summary will show the nominee’s activities at the national and international level that have resulted in increased status and public recognition for the nursing profession as a whole. These activities may be evidenced by

  • outstanding contributions to national organizations such as CNA and organizations related to the nominee’s primary domain of practice;
  • leadership and service within CNA or organizations related to the nominee’s primary domain of practice;
  • demonstrated leadership in the advancement/promotion of nursing in the public or private sector; and
  • advancement of nursing theory/research in the primary domain of practice.

The third summary will be specific to each of the five Order of Merit awards:

Order of Merit for Clinical Nursing Practice

Order of Merit for Nursing Education

Order of Merit for Nursing Administration

Order of Merit for Nursing Research

Order of Merit for Nursing Policy

Supporting documents

Please note that you must upload the following supporting documents with your nomination:

  • confirmation letter or e-mail from provincial/territorial regulator
  • a minimum of three separate letters from individuals from three different organizations in support of the nomination. These can include one letter from the nominator.
  • the nominee’s curriculum vitae
  • a biographical note no longer than 500 words

Privacy Policy: Personal information that is collected will be used only for processing nominations and related followup.