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Morris J. Wosk Centre for Dialogue
580 West Hastings St. (enter via Seymour Street courtyard entrance)
Simon Fraser University
Vancouver, B.C.
Saturday, June 1, 2019, 08:30-16:30


  • In consideration of participants who are sensitive or allergic to fragrance, please refrain from wearing scented products at CNA-hosted events.
Time Item Agenda
07:00 General registration for annual meeting
07:15-08:15 Voting delegate registration
08:30-09:00 1. Call to order and opening remarks, Claire Betker, president
2. Introductions
3. Appointment of scrutineers
4. Roll call
5. Instructions to voting delegates, Claire Betker [PDF, 158.6 KB]
6. Announcement regarding motions from the floor
7. Nominations for board directors, Claire Betker
09:00-09:30 8. Leadership report, Claire Betker / Mike Villeneuve, CEO
09:30-09:40 9. Financial report, Claire Betker
10. Appointment of auditors
09:40-10:10 11. REFRESHMENT BREAK
10:10-10:55 12. Presentation on intra-professional collaboration, Joan Almost, CNA scholar in residence
10:55-12:15 13. Presentation by Greg McFarlane, lead strategist, Venture Communications
(Brand Strategy, Communications and Governance model)
12:15-13:15 LUNCH (Concord level)
13:15-14:00 14. Delegate feedback on CNA's Communications’ Brand Strategy, Communications and Governance model
14:00-14:50 15. Resolutions
15:10-15:30 16. Meeting candidate(s) for board director(s), elections (voting delegates only) and results (if nominations from the floor for Jurisdictional, Student, Family of Nursing and/or Specialty Network directors)
15:30-16:30 17. Open forum
16:30 18. Adjournment