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March 2016 Board Meeting Highlights

The president opened the meeting by acknowledging the Algonquin and Anishinaabe Peoples as the traditional owners and custodians of the land of CNA House. The board respects their ongoing cultural and spiritual connections to this land. In its work, CNA aims to recognize the culture, heritage, customs and beliefs of all Indigenous peoples.

In addition, the president welcomed the following special guests:

  • Lisa Bourque Bearskin, president, Canadian Indigenous Nurses Association (CINA)
  • Bernice Downey, CINA board member
  • Irene Lindsay, elder

Both the CNA and CINA presidents spoke about the signing of the CNA/CINA partnership accord as representing a formal gesture that celebrates the shared history of the two associations and demonstrates their commitment to acting as allies to advance nursing and Indigenous health.

The elder performed a smudging ceremony at the CNA board meeting, inviting all present to participate in the purification of mind, body and spirit.
Lisa Bourque Bearskin explained the meaning of the symbolism used in this original creation commemorating the signing of the partnership accord. An original drawing incorporating the logos of both organizations was also revealed at the board meeting.

New Class A member approved
The newly created Association of Registered Nurses of Manitoba (ARNM) was approved as a Class A member. The board also approved a one-time grant to ARNM toward their startup costs.

New Manitoba seat on CNA board
To ensure that Manitoba RNs are represented at the national level until ARNM’s board of director is elected in June 2016, Robin Finney was appointed the province’s Class A director for the period of March 21-June 20, 2016.

2015 consolidated financial statements
The board accepted the 2015 CNA audited consolidated financial statements, which were delivered following the auditor’s report. The auditor said the statements were an accurate representation in accordance with Canadian accounting standards and praised CNA’s accounting policies.

Setting membership fees/purchase price for provisions of services
The board accepted the recommendation that a fee increase be submitted to the 2016 annual meeting of members for approval.

Internally restricted funds
The board approved the recommendation for the establishment of internally restricted funds for other obligations in the amount of $8 million.

Canadian Nurses Association retirement plan (CNARP)
The board accepted the recommendation of the finance and audit committee that a $2 million contribution be made to CNARP from internally restricted funds.

Centennial celebrations
Board members received an update from the College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta and the Nurses Association of New Brunswick on activities and events that the associations have planned to celebrate their centennial anniversaries in 2016.

CNA made two $1,000 scholarships to the Canadian Nurses Foundation on behalf of each association to be provided to nurses in those provinces.

Certification program
Online applications for the CNA certification program will begin April 11.

Meanwhile, a successful certification pilot exam took place in Dubai, with 248 nurses writing the emergency and nephrology exams.

Medical assistance in dying
Jocelyn Downie, professor at the faculties of law and medicine at Dalhousie University, led an interactive discussion on medical assistance in dying. Afterwards, the board approved CNA to move ahead — in collaboration with stakeholders and partners — to develop a national nursing framework for the implementation of MAID.

Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties report
Judy Simpson, network representative, confirmed that the Clinical Nurse Specialist Association of Canada (CNSAC) was accepted as an emerging group in the network.

The board initiated a call for nominations for network representative and voting delegates.

Assessment Strategies Inc. (ASI) shareholder authority
CNA officers were granted authority to attend, vote and act for and on behalf of CNA at meetings of ASI shareholders. The officers will report on ASI to the board annually.

Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS)
Chantal Léonard, CEO of CNPS, presented on factors — including its membership structure, the evolution of the legal and nursing environment, and legal trends — that are having an impact on the organization and the services it offers.

Committee on recognition
The board approved the recommendations of the committee on recognition for the 2016 recipients of the Jeanne Mance Award, the four Order of Merit awards and 14 submissions to CNA’s Memorial Book.

Student experiences preparing for and writing the NCLEX-RN exam
Linda McGillis Hall provided a thought-provoking presentation on the student experiences preparing for and writing the NCLEX-RN exam. McGillis Hall is associate dean, research and external relations, at the Lawrence S. Bloomberg faculty of nursing.

Upcoming events

  • CNF Nightingale Gala, May 5 (Ottawa)
  • CNA Board Meeting, June 18 (Saint John)
  • CNA Meeting of Members, June 20 (Saint John)
  • CNA Convention, June 20-22 (Saint John)