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November 2014 Board Meeting Highlights

2014-2016 CNA Board of Directors

FRONT ROW: Rajet Anand (CNSA), Barb Shellian (president-elect), Karima Velji (president), Anne Sutherland Boal (CEO), Sean Secord (YRNA)
BACK ROW: Sharon Baxter and Carole Dilworth (public representatives), Julie Fraser (ARNBC), Signy Klebeck (SRNA), Vanessa Burkoski (RNAO), Regina Coady (ARNNL), Pamela Hawranik, (assoc. member representative), Darline Cogswell (NANB), Patricia Benjaminson (CRNM), Jocelyn Reimer-Kent (assoc. member representative), Jacquelyn Garden-Jayasinghe (CRNNS), Rob Nevin (RNANT-NU), Nancy MacFadyen (ARNPEI), Shannon Spenceley (CARNA)

Environmental Scans

To support board decision-making on strategic directions for CNA, several environmental scans were undertaken by the board, the Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties members and CNA staff.

Themes discussed during the meeting included

  • the impact of economic restraints on nursing and nursing positions
  • the Ebola virus disease
  • the impact of the NCLEX-RN exam
  • declining membership in specialty nursing associations
  • end-of-life/palliative care
  • seniors/aging

Update on 2014 Resolutions

The board approved the CEO’s interpretation and recommendations regarding the following resolutions, approved at the 2014 annual meeting:

  • the ongoing commitment to aboriginal health
  • honouring best practices in federal electoral reform
  • rejecting medical tourism
  • ensuring equitable access to essential pharmaceuticals
  • protecting Canada’s blood supply by rejecting for-profit plasma collection
  • increasing awareness and engagement of our direct care and specialty nurses

In addition, the board received updates on CNA’s accomplishments on refugee health and discussed the potential for policy partnerships.

Day on the Hill – Health is where the Home is

CNA board visits Ottawa war memorial

A National War Memorial visit to honour Corp. Nathan Cirillo, who was killed while standing guard on October 22, 2014.

On November 25, board members and CNA staff met with Health Minister Rona Ambrose, key members of Parliament and senators to convey the message that seniors health begins at home.

Our recommendations to parliamentarians (supported by a recent national Nanos poll) included

  • establishing standards across Canada for home health care to ensure all Canadians equitable access to care services that support them in healthy aging
  • increasing supports to Canadians who provide care for aging relatives by making the existing Family Caregiver Tax Credit refundable
  • expanding the New Horizons for Seniors Program by incorporating a new objective to support healthy and active aging

For more information on our government relations activities, contact David Granovsky at dgranovsky@cna-aiic.ca.

Governance Policies

An initial group of policies was approved, aligning CNA with its new bylaws and sharpening its focus. The policies ranged from governing style to board links with associated corporations and partner organizations. The final governance manual will be posted on CNA’s website once completed.

For more information on our governance, contact Debbie Ross at dross@cna-aiic.ca.

RN Prescribing Framework

The board supported the release of a framework for RN prescribing. Next steps will include a broader document for release by March 1, 2015, which would highlight existing jurisdictional proposals and create a national framework.

For more information, contact Josette Roussel at jroussel@cna-aiic.ca.

CNA and ARNBC Sign Memorandum of Understanding

CNA and ARNBC signing memorandum of understanding

FRONT ROW: Karima Velji, CNA president and Julie Fraser, ARNBC president
BACK ROW: Anne Sutherland Boal, CNA CEO, Barb Shellian, CNA president-elect, Joy Peacock, ARNBC executive director

CNA and ARNBC signed a historic memorandum of understanding on November 27, which establishes ARNBC as the B.C. jurisdictional member of CNA. As part of the agreement, ARNBC will begin submitting membership fees to CNA on behalf of B.C. RNs and NPs, a responsibility previously held by CRNBC. This new memorandum will ensure that all RNs and NPs in the province continue to have access to all the programs and services CNA offers — including Canadian Nurse magazine.

Strategic Planning

Two days were devoted to developing a strategic plan for 2015-2020. The board agreed on the following major strategic priority: “CNA will become the leading advocate for integrated, coordinated primary health care across the continuum of care.”

Over the next several weeks the plan will be further refined to include major strategic outcomes, supporting strategies and tactics.

Committee Nominations

Sean Secord, Jocelyn Reimer-Kent, Jacquelyn Garden-Jayasinghe, Pamela Hawranik and Rajet Anand were appointed to the committee on recognition.

During their one-year term, committee members will review the processes on submissions for inclusion in CNA’s Memorial Book and examine the possible expansion of the CNA awards program.