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November 2015 Board Meeting Highlights

2015-2016 CNA Board of Directors

SITTING: Barb Shellian (president-elect), Karima Velji (president), Anne Sutherland Boal (CEO).
STANDING: Carole Dilworth (public representative), Shannon Spenceley (CARNA), Sean Secord (YRNA), Dawn Tisdale (CNSA), Pamela Hawranik (network representative), Nancy MacFadyen (ARNPEI), Zak Matieschyn (ARNBC), Jacquelyn Garden-Jayasinghe (CRNNS), Rob Nevin (RNANT-NU), Brenda Kinney (NANB), Vanessa Burkoski (RNAO), Regina Coady (ARNNL), Patricia Benjaminson (CRNM), Tom Bursey (public representative), Judy Simpson (network representative).
ABSENT: Linda Wasko-Lacey (SRNA)

2016 Work Plan

Board members reviewed and approved the 2016 CNA work plan and budget. Highlights of the plan:

  • A continued focus on advancing primary health care.
  • An enhanced government relations strategy with the new federal government and providing input for the inclusion of home care and seniors issues into a health accord.
  • The implementation of the proposed CNA/Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada Partnership Accord.
  • The further implementation of the Ontario and Quebec membership model supporting enhanced membership.
  • The successful transition of the certification exams to a computer-based delivery.
  • Further developing global opportunities for our certification program.
  • The redesign of the Dorothy Wylie Health Leadership Institute.

Choosing Wisely Endorsed

CNA’s board endorsed Choosing Wisely, a physician-driven initiative developed and launched in 2010 by the American Board of Internal Medicine Foundation. The purpose of Choosing Wisely is primarily to assist the physician-patient communication process in those clinical situations where the benefits of some actions may be marginal or negative. CNA will be developing tools to support this approach to incorporate nursing input, resources and tools.

Recognition of the CRNM and ARNM Transition

CNA CEO Anne Sutherland Boal, president-elect Barb Shellian, CRNM president Patricia Benjaminson, CRNM executive director Katherine Stansfield, ARNM steering committee co-chair Robin Finney, CNA president Karima Velji.

Following the creation of a new Manitoba professional nursing association in September 2015, the Association of Registered Nurses of Manitoba will transition into becoming CNA’s new jurisdictional member for the province in March 2016.

CNA president Karima Velji thanked CRNM president and CNA board member Patricia Benjaminson, who was attending her last meeting of the board, for her contribution to CNA and for the smooth creation of the new Association of Registered Nurses of Manitoba. She also acknowledged CRNM’s Cathy Rippen-Sisler, past-president; Robin Finney, past-president; and Diane Wilson Máté, past executive director for their leadership in this legacy transition.

Ontario Update

The board approved the next steps in addressing RNAO’s decision to withdraw from CNA. The details of the CNA plan will be shared, once finalized.

CEO Report

Highlights of Anne Sutherland Boal’s report included:

  • A progress report on the strategic plan and the targeted and comprehensive approach adopted for its implementation.
  • The transfer of the Dorothy Wylie Institute to CNA beginning in 2016.
  • The launch of the international pilot program in Dubai for certification in nephrology and emergency nursing exams.
  • Celebrating the 25th anniversary of CNA’s speciality certification program.
  • A successful government relations strategy (which engaged over 70 members of Parliament and senators) that resulted in CNA’s asks for home care being reflected in the new government’s health-care platform.
  • The successful recruitment of the senior leadership team at CNA.
  • The completion of the financial year, on target and on budget.

Post-election Post Mortem

The board received a report on the CNA advocacy work that occurred prior to the federal election and the work that will continue with the new government.

Alice Funke, publisher of the Pundits’ Guide to Canadian Federal Elections website, shared her thoughts on the outcomes of the recent federal election and helped generate ideas related to our future activities for advocacy with the new federal government.

New Awards

The board approved the development and implementation of six new awards in the following categories:

  • Student
  • Emerging leader
  • Humanitarian/human rights
  • Direct care provider
  • International focus
  • Media

Environmental Scans

The board reviewed and discussed the themes from the environmental scans, specifically:

  • The value proposition of registered nurses — lack of role clarity, the devaluing of registered nurses, cuts to continuing-education opportunities, the need to optimize scope of practice.
  • Physician-assisted dying.
  • The aging nursing workforce.
  • Progress in primary health care (but the need for additional work).
  • The need for an integrated strategy on the health-care system to address the aging population.
  • The increased demands of technology on nursing practice.
  • The increased demand for mental health services.
  • Substance abuse and misuse use among nurses and patients.

Board members then discussed possible strategies to address the findings in the environmental scan — including engaging the public to advance the role of RNs and the proliferation of primary health care.


CNA president Karima Velji (centre) welcomed Chris Power (to her left) and Francine Girard (right), who presented the Naylor panel recommendations while highlighting the importance of innovation and RNs’ contribution to system change. Also pictured: CNA CEO Anne Sutherland Boal (left) and president-elect Barb Shellian.
Professor Jill White, from the University of Sydney, gave a presentation, entitled Nursing Voice in Health Policy: Towards Patient-Centred Health Care.