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November 2016 Board Meeting Highlights

2016-2017 CNA Board of Directors

SITTING: Jerry Macdonald (CARNA), Claire Betker (president-elect), Barb Shellian (president), Anne Sutherland Boal (CEO), Tim Guest (CRNNS).
STANDING: Shawna Tohm (RNANT/NU), Brenda Kinney (NANB), Linda Wasko-Lacey (SRNA), Bryce Boynton (CNSA), Christina Sim (YRNA), Julie Nicholas (ARNNL), Tom Bursey (public representative), Madeleine Ashcroft (network representative), Cynthia Bryanton (ARNPEI), Margaret Rauliuk (ARNM). ABSENT: Zak Matieschyn (ARNBC), Debora Simpson (public representative), Judy Simpson (network representative).

President’s report

CNA president Barb Shellian with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, CNA senior nurse advisor Lisa Ashley and Kamal Khera, RN, Liberal MP for Brampton West and parliamentary secretary to the minister of health.
During her opening remarks, president Barb Shellian congratulated Karen Dunlop, interim executive director at ARNM, for her new position as board chair of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority.

She also announced that CNA won the Community Champion Award from the Saint John Chamber of Commerce for its 2016 annual meeting of members and biennial convention. In addition, NANB president Brenda Kinney presented CNA with a memento of the 2016 event.

The president congratulated president-elect Claire Betker on the successful completion of requirements for her PhD.

Shellian commented on the numerous activities of the president and president-elect including meetings with national organizations, parliamentarians as well as media interviews.

The board approved a proposal to bring a bylaw recommendation to the 2017 annual meeting of members to elect a third public representative, with an Indigenous citizen’s perspective, to the CNA board of directors.

CNA 2017 budget
The 2017 balanced budget and accompanying work plans were approved.

CEO search
The board was provided with a presentation by the recruitment firm that will be working with the board related to the chief executive officer search to replace Anne Sutherland Boal, who will retire in June 2017.

2016 Resolutions
The board approved the chief executive officer’s recommendations related to the resolutions presented at the 2016 annual meeting of members.

Position statements
The following position statements were approved and will be made available on our website in early 2017:

  • Clinical nurse specialist (revised)
  • Nurse practitioner (revised)

The position statement on complementary roles of nursing regulatory bodies and professional associations has been referred to CCRNR for further consultation.

Canadian Nurses Foundation
The foundation highlighted their new scholarships created for 2016 and announced their One Million in One Year campaign to raise funds for Indigenous nursing education and research.

The 2017 annual CNF Nightingale Gala will be held on May 11 in Ottawa.

CEO operational report
Government relations
CNA’s government relations activities were a key focus in the past few months with over 20 meetings and presentations occurring with various parliamentary committees, including our 2017 pre-budget consultations with the standing committee on finance. We were pleased to learn since the board meeting that the committee’s report to the government, tabled in the House on December 7, 2017, supported our accountability framework recommendation, referring specifically to CNA’s submission.

In July, CNA and YRNA attended the Council of the Federation 2016 summer meeting in Whitehorse. During the event, CNA president Barb Shellian shared our message on an accountability framework.

A political highlight was the participation of Health Minister Jane Philpott at our June annual meeting of members and biennial convention.

Over 1,700 nurses applied for their national specialty certification using our new online application process. The first computer-based testing exam took place in September-October with 40 exams in 55 centres over a three-week period. Close to 2,000 nurses have applied for renewal by continuous learning or exam.

CNA is preparing for a fall sitting of a number of exams in Dubai.

We will be welcoming nominations for the CNA Certification Program’s Employer Recognition Award later this fall. See our website for more details.

The board approved the National Nursing Framework on Medical Assistance in Dying as well as the Nine Activities Nurses and Patients Should Question in connection with Choosing Wisely Canada. These documents will be available online or in print in early 2017.

Mary McAllister was announced as the president of CNAOntario. CNAOntario is a group who aims to provide a vehicle for CNA members in Ontario to connect with each other, with RNs and NPs across Canada and with the International Council of Nurses. See more at cna-aiic.ca/ontario.

A priority for McAllister is to identify vice-presidents for governance as well as membership committees, with the support of the existing transition committee.

Network report
Members of the Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties were invited to provide input into three key CNA documents: the Environmental Scan, the Framework for Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID), and the Code of Ethics.

Network representatives are advising and supporting the work of graduate student Lindsey Evans, who is developing a specialty practice position paper.

Catherine Harley of the Canadian Association for Enterostomal Therapy; Lorelei Faulkner of the Canadian Federation of Mental Health Nurses; Anita Dickson of Practical Nurses Canada and Ashley Ahuja of the Canadian Nursing Students’ Association were selected as new members of the network advisory committee.

Looking to the future, the network had a discussion with CNA staff regarding marketing and promotion and are scheduling a formal strategic planning session in early winter. They also have plans for an orientation program for new network members.

Date and place of key meetings

  • Board of directors, March 20 and 21, (Ottawa)
  • Board of directors, June 19 and 20 (Ottawa)
  • Annual meeting of members, June 21 (Ottawa)

Hill Day

MP Kamal Khera welcomes attendees at the 2016 CNA Hill Day breakfast.
On November 22, CNA president Barb Shellian and CEO Anne Sutherland Boal hosted board members, parliamentarians and other guests at the parliamentary restaurant for a breakfast and presentation on home care.

Following the event, board members accompanied by CNA and/or jurisdictional staff and representatives participated in over 35 meetings with MPs and senators. Photos of the events have been sent under separate cover to board members. The images below represent a few highlights.

CNA’s Carolyn Pullen, president-elect Claire Betker and House Speaker Geoff Regan with board member Tim Guest (CRNNS), who is holding the mace, symbol of the authority of the Speaker and House of Commons.
RN Christine Moore, MP for Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Pierre Nantel, MP for Longueuil–Saint-Hubert, Irene Mathyssen, MP for London-Fanshawe, Wayne Stetski, MP for Kootenay-Columbia, CNA president Barb Shellian, Sheila Malcolmson, MP for Nanaimo-Ladysmith, and deputy health critic Brigitte Sansoucy, MP for Saint-Hyacinthe-Bagot.
CNA’s Donna Dewar, B.C. nursing student Laura Monchak, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands, Canadian Nursing Students’ Association member Victoria Marchand and ARNBC executive director Joy Peacock.
Conservative MP for Lethbridge and deputy health critic Rachael Harder, CARNA president Jerry Macdonald, CARNA council member Jeannie Hare, Interim Leader of the Conservative Party and leader of the House, Rona Ambrose, MP for Sturgeon River-Parkland, CNA senior nurse advisor Lisa Ashley and Dr. Colin Carrie, MP for Oshawa.
CNA CEO Anne Sutherland Boal and president Barb Shellian with MP Kamal Khera.