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Public Representative Criteria

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Role of public representatives

Public representatives are elected by the board to provide a citizen’s perspective. One representative must have an Indigenous perspective.

Criteria for the nomination of this public representative and interpretation

This public representative must:

  • Bring to the board a broad citizen’s perspective from outside the nursing profession that informs and strengthens policy and strategy at the board table
  • Be an experienced leader
  • Be knowledgeable about the health system and/or related social policies
  • Have previous experience on a board of directors
  • Have knowledge of the governance of a not-for-profit organization
  • Not be a current member of the nursing profession
  • Not be a current member of a board or council for a jurisdiction, the Canadian Nurses Students’ Association or the Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties.
  • Be able to commit the required time to
    • Prepare for and attend three meetings per year (two days each)
    • Participate in ad hoc teleconferences
    • Serve on committees as required
  • May be employed by an organization in the health sector

Special responsibilities

  • Attend three meetings per year (two days each) and teleconferences, if required
    (note: as this is a volunteer position, all expenses are reimbursed in accordance with board policy; however, no remuneration is provided for meeting or travel time.)
  • Address issues critical to nursing and health care
  • Participate in decision-making
  • Serve on committees as required (by teleconference or in person at the call of the chair)

Term of office
The public representative shall serve the term of November 2020, to June 2021, and can be re-nominated and serve for an additional term.

Important dates

  • Closing date for nominations is October 2, 2020.
  • Shortly after the closing date, the governance and leadership committee will review nominations against the position criteria and provide a slate to the board for a vote.
  • Nominees will be invited to speak to their candidacy for five minutes via a teleconference in June prior to the board vote the same day.
  • Results will be announced as soon as possible after the June board meeting.

Nomination requirements
Your nomination must include:

  • A completed online nomination form
  • A brief curriculum vitae (CV) of the nominee

Only those online nomination forms completed in full, accompanied by the nominee’s CV and received by 17:00 ET, October 2, 2020, will be considered.

For further details, please contact Nada Hammude, coordinator, governance and leadership at 613-237-2159, ext. 207, or nhammude@cna-aiic.ca.