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To be a member of the Canadian Academy of Nursing, you must be a member of CNA.

In addition to CNA member benefits, all members of the academy receive:

  • Discounted registration at CNA leadership and policy forums
  • Opportunities to participate in national discussions on leadership
  • Opportunities to influence national policy
  • Eligibility to be nominated for the flagship, merit-based, fellowship program

Academy members also have access to the following online resources, communities of practice and other leadership opportunities.

Communities of practice

Complimentary access to exclusive communities of leadership practice. These online forums for exchanging information and sharing experiences will prove invaluable to novice and emerging leaders, managers, executive leaders, policy leaders, and leaders working nursing science. More information coming soon on how to get involved!

Leadership development resources

  • Leadership competencies — as part of our commitment to the Nursing Now Canada initiative, in 2020 the Canadian Academy of Nursing will spearhead the development of core competencies for nursing leadership in Canada. The competencies will include diverse domains such as administration, informatics and policy.
  • Leadership development programs — the academy has developed a comprehensive roster of leadership development programs for nurses including post-graduate degree programs in universities, certificate programs and professional development initiatives offered across Canada and beyond. Academy members will be invited to help develop these important resources and then keep them up to date.
  • Career coaching and development we are negotiating opportunities for academy members to purchase discounted access to career coaching and development! More information to come in 2021.