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NCLEX-RN Exam Resources

CNA and the Canadian Nursing Students’ Association created this list of resources to help students prepare for the NCLEX-RN entry-to-practice exam.

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) develops the NCLEX-RN exam. Courses and materials that are not affiliated with NCSBN or the NCLEX-RN may not reflect the exam’s content accurately. As such, they may be used to supplement, not replace, NCBSN-approved NCLEX-RN resources.

Please note that CNA does not endorse any preparatory materials, courses or host sites. Whenever possible, CNA and CNSA have attempted to identify the most economic source for a product or material.

Free resources

The following items were selected based on feedback from nurse educators and students, but is not a comprehensive list of all available preparatory resources. We will update this list periodically.


From provincial/territorial regulatory bodies, but of interest to nurses across Canada

Practice tests

Some of the links below offer free practice questions, while others offer sample sets with the option to purchase additional questions.

Mobile apps
Unless otherwise indicated, the following apps have been developed for any potential NCLEX-RN writer. They are not specific to Canada. When looking for an app, consider one that provides rationales for both correct and incorrect answers and also tracks progress and areas for improvement. Please note: while the apps below are free, they may offer additional content for in-app purchase.

Resources for purchase

Like the free resources listed in the previous section, the items listed below were selected based on feedback from nurse educators and students. We will update this list periodically. Please note: prices may change at the discretion of the host site.

NCSBN offers an NCLEX-RN online self-paced review course of approximately 85 hours in length. The course is available with a number of study plan options and costs:

  • 3 weeks of study at 27 hours per week: US$50
  • 5 weeks of study at 16 hours per week: US$70
  • 8 weeks of study at 10 hours per week: US$100
  • 15 weeks: US$160

From other companies

For more information on the NCLEX-RN exam, the Canadian Council of Registered Nurse Regulators (CCRNR) has developed this list of frequently asked questions.