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Message from the CEO

We find ourselves continuing to face the most pressing global public health emergency since the Spanish Flu pandemic a century ago.

We have now seen over 40 million cases of COVID-19 and over a million deaths globally. States of emergency remain in place in many countries, and we are inundated with emerging science mixed in with social media opinions and even fake news stories — together fuelling confusion among health-care providers and the public in general. The reality of the rapidly changing situation and different challenges faced across geographic regions have led to inconsistent information and guidelines across the country.

To provide clarity to the nursing workforce, CNA has analyzed the available evidence and we will update this website as new evidence emerges. The website includes public policy and health systems responses, resources on key nursing issues (such as personal protective equipment) and mental health, clinical considerations, implications for the nursing workforce, and access to evidence-informed guidelines. We hope it will help nurses and their organizations to inform decisions in this very challenging situation.

Mike Villeneuve, RN, M.Sc., FAAN
Chief Executive Officer