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El Salvador

While El Salvador’s overall economic indicators are better than many others, they mask great disparities in income and health.

Typical of countries at this level of socio-economic development, El Salvador is undergoing a health transition.

Communicable diseases remain the main cause of morbidity and mortality; however, chronic and degenerative illnesses such as diabetes, circulatory and cardiac conditions and cancer are on the rise. There are about 6,000 nurses employed in the public sector — about one nurse for every 1,150 people.

Asociación Nacional de Enfermeras de El Salvador (ANES)

CNA’s collaboration with ANES dates back to 1990. In 2001, ANES joined CNA’s global health partnership program and received core support for institutional capacity-building, policy development and advocacy, and leadership training and continuing education for nurses. Since 2007, two nurse mentors from McMaster University have provided technical assistance on primary health care, policy, leadership and clinical guidelines. With this support, ANES has achieved a number of key results:

  • improved nurse training and skills in the areas of child nutrition, primary health care and computer use;
  • improved skills and opportunities for nursing research;
  • improved conditions and patient safety in one province (department) as a result of compiled evidence on poor working conditions and advocacy activities; and
  • contributed to developing a nursing practice act and health human resources policies.

Contact information:

Asociación Nacional de Enfermeras de El Salvador, (ANES)
Calle a Huizucar, No. 157, Reparto los Héroes
entre Calles Gabriela Rosales y Matías Alvarado
San Salvador, El Salvador
Tel: + 503 2273-1850
Website: www.anes.org.sv