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Indonesia’s population of just under 250 million is spread over 922 of the 13,000 islands that make up the country. The mission of the ministry of health’s strategic plan for 2010-2014 is to improve the health of its population by increasing community involvement and participation in health issues.

Communicable diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis account for most of the disease burden, while complications from pregnancy and childbirth also take a huge toll. According to the United Nations Millennium Development Goals indicators, in 2008, maternal mortality rates were 240 per 100,000 and infant mortality rates were 27 per 1000 live births.

Natural disasters continue to be a major unpredictable challenge for the country. The government has made great progress in building a nationwide emergency response system by working with various non-governmental and private sector organizations.

The Indonesian National Nurses Association (INNA)

INNA’s partnership with CNA began in 1999. With CNA support, INNA has gained a great deal of respect from the ministry of health. Together they addressed weaknesses in the area of health human resources by creating a critical mass of nurses with leadership skills, establishing a council for self-regulation through the development of a nursing practice act, and providing input to government for policy development. It is a growing and active organization, and has developed good skills through the present phase of the program in management, administration and organizational governance.

With support from CNA, INNA has been able to:

  • advocate strongly for a regulatory framework for nursing;
  • develop a national nursing exam;
  • develop a training program for emergency response for nurses and a mechanism to deploy nurses to respond to disasters;
  • establish a nursing council (independent regulator);
  • submit a draft nursing act to government;
  • develop a roadmap for the nursing profession, including establishing a 15-year vision for nursing in Indonesia; and
  • create a strong membership base across the entire country.

Contact information:

Indonesia National Nurses Association
Jl. Jaya Mandala Raya No. 15
Patra Kuningan
Jakarta, 12870
Tel: + 62-21-8315069