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Nicaragua is the second-poorest country in the Americas, next to Haiti. It is characterized by wide income disparities and has some of the lowest health indicators in Latin America.

The health system in Nicaragua is essentially three-tiered: the wealthy access private care; a small number of salaried workers in government and industry have access to good quality government-funded services through the Nicaraguan Social Security Institute and the Ministry of Defence; and the rest of the population is poorly served at public facilities that are typically inadequately staffed and managed and are underequipped.

Asociación de Enfermeras/os Nicaragüenses (AEN)

CNA worked with AEN from 1989 to 1992, providing support for strengthening the clinical capacities of nurses. AEN has been a partner in the CIDA-funded partnership program from 1996, receiving core support for institutional capacity-building, policy development and advocacy, and leadership training and continuing education for nurses. Two mentors from McMaster University provide technical expertise on issues of policy and leadership, and association development.

With support from CNA, AEN has been able to:

  • increase clinical skills among nurses through training workshops on relevant practice issues;
  • increase the visibility and image of nurses and their participation in policy-making processes with the Ministry of Health; and
  • greatly increase participation and membership in AEN through revised governance and committee structures.

Contact information:

Asociación de Enfermeras/os Nicaragüenses AEN
Reparto Serrano, Transnica 75 mts al lago. Casa No A-4 costado norte catedral de Managua
Managua, Nicaragua
Tel: + 505-2278 4451
Website: www.aenicaragua.org