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Senegal remains among the poorest countries in the world, with more than half the population living below the poverty line. Health problems mirror the high rates of poverty, malnutrition and lack of clean water and sanitation. Communicable diseases such as malaria, cholera, tuberculosis and measles account for most of the disease burden, while complications from pregnancy and childbirth also take a huge toll.

Health is a government priority. There is a network of health posts and health centres across the country, even in remote areas, the majority of which are staffed by nurses. Challenges include a shortage of staff (there is about one nurse per 3,125 people), a lack of supplies and equipment at clinics, and a need for effective management of the decentralization process.  Due to the shortage of trained health professionals in rural and suburban areas, nurses often take on an expanded role but without adequate training and experience.

Association Nationale des Infirmiers et Infirmières Diplômés d’État du Sénégal (ANIIDES)

CNA has partnered with ANIIDES since 2007. With CNA support, ANIIDES has gained more visibility with government officials, nurses throughout Senegal and other key stakeholders. Since 2008, the Registered Nurses’ Association of Ontario has partnered with ANIIDES, providing technical assistance on association-building, policy, leadership and research. With this support, ANIIDES has achieved the following key results:

  • improved governance, with meetings every six months of the board of governors, including regional representation;
  • increased membership from 10 in 2007 to 800 in 2010;
  • a headquarters that employs three staff members;
  • a new website and logo;
  • visitation of 12 regions (out of 14) with active regional representation; and
  • development of a survey for nurses in the regions in order to create a baseline study of nursing in the country.

Contact information :

Association Nationale des Infirmiers et Infirmières Diplômés d’État du Sénégal (ANIIDES)
Dakar, HLM Grand Yoff
Cité Assane DIOP Lot No. 1&2, 1er étage
BP: 16 999
Dakar-Fann, Sénégal, Africa