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RN public awareness advertising campaign

If you asked a registered nurse what they did today, they might say:

“I showed a new mother how to care for herself and her baby,”

“I spoke to a teen about how to handle stress,”

“I led a team planning a patient’s discharge from hospital,” or

“I explained to a father about the ICU machines keeping his daughter alive.”

Every day, registered nurses face the good, the bad, the miraculous and the heartbreaking — with unwavering knowledge, expertise, care and compassion.

How do they do it?

Ask a registered nurse.

Canada’s registered nurses are educated and skilled health-care professionals. At almost 300,000 strong, registered nurses are the largest group of health-care providers in the country and are a valuable and irreplaceable part of our health system.

RNs — Leaders in community care

Leaders in community care
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To be the healthiest nation we can be, we must deliver health care where Canadians are — in the community. Community health nurses work with Canadians across the lifespan to promote, protect and restore their health where they live, work and play. A greater focus on community care has been shown to promote healthy living and lower health-care costs while improving how we manage chronic disease. Find out how RNs are advancing community care.

RNs — Leaders in acute care

Leaders in acute care
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The demand for costly hospital care continues to outpace the health-care system’s ability to provide service. RNs are leading much-needed change toward more effective care and more efficient use of resources. Learn how RNs provide care for patients with complex, acute and unpredictable health-care needs.

RNs — Leaders in long-term care

Leaders in long-term care
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Long-term care facilities provide living accommodation for people who need a high level of personal care and support as well as access to 24-hour nursing care or supervision in a secure setting. We show that we value these residents by providing sufficient numbers and appropriate staff to care for them. RNs working in long-term care manage complex care on site, making sure care is centred around the patient and their family. RN care can also reduce the cost of transfers to emergency departments or external care providers. Find out more about how RNs are improving long-term care and the care of older adults.

RNs — Leaders in home care

Leaders in home care
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For many Canadians, their only option for accessing health care is admission to hospital — hospitals that are overburdened, overcrowded and not cost-effective. Home care can be a better way to give these Canadians the care and support they need. Canada’s registered nurses are leaders in home care. Home care nurses are highly trained, with strong interpersonal skills that support a client-centred approach. Read more about the proven positive outcomes, especially for frail adult care, wound care and palliative care.

RNs — Leaders in education, administration, research and policy

About the campaign

Why a national public awareness campaign?

According to a 2012 Nanos poll commissioned by the Canadian Nurses Association, 83.5 per cent of Canadians believe RNs should deliver more health services. By sharing just a small portion of their day-to-day reality, we’re showcasing the knowledge and skills RNs use in making their valuable contributions to Canada’s health-care system.

Where and when will the ads run?

See our media schedule for a complete listing of when and where the print, TV and digital ads will appear.

National [PDF, 425.8 KB]

French language [PDF, 327.7 KB]

British Columbia [PDF, 214.2 KB]

Alberta [PDF, 176.3 KB]

Regina [PDF, 145.4 KB]

Manitoba [PDF, 156.5 KB]

Ontario [PDF, 208.9 KB]

Atlantic [PDF, 143.6 KB]

The making of the RN campaign

The RNs used in all the ads are actual CNA members from across Canada. All six visited Toronto in March to shoot and film the ads in a few locations, including the Kipling Acres long-term care facility.

View our Facebook gallery for some behind-the-scenes action!

Have feedback on the campaign? Let us know! E-mail members@cna-aiic.ca.