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MTV’s “Scrubbing In”

MTV’s new series Scrubbing In follows a group of travel nurses in Orange County, California, for 12 weeks. Many nurses in Canada and the United States have expressed concerns that the series further perpetuates “negative stigma” and “senseless sexual objectification” (see MTV: Cancel Scrubbing In petition). Others, however, are looking forward to a series about their profession and think it will be an accurate reflection of life as a nurse.

UPDATE: Thanks to the many thousands of voices speaking out against Scrubbing In, MTV agreed to review this series. In correspondence with Sandy Summers, founder and executive director of The Truth About Nursing, MTV’s senior vice-president of communications and public affairs, Jason Rzepka, said the station is planning several actions:

  1. Moving the show from 10:00 p.m. to midnight, a less prominent air time that potentially cuts viewership in half.
  2. Reviewing three of the seven remaining episodes to see if more clinical scenes featuring nursing skill can be added.
  3. Developing new online features, including a video and blog, for MTV’s website that will aim to educate viewers about the real work and challenges that come with being a nurse.
  4. Engaging and consulting the profession if any future nursing programming is planned.

These outcomes are a testament to the meaningful change that is possible when a profession uses it collective voice. Thank you to everyone who spoke up!

A letter from CNA president Barb Mildon
Both as president of the Canadian Nurses Association, which represents more than 150,000 registered nurses (RNs), and as an RN of 36 years, I am truly saddened to learn of your network’s new program, Scrubbing In. First hearing of this show from a young nurse, I am especially concerned about its impact on the new generation of nurses. Read more… [PDF, 186.5 KB]