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Nurses urge Canadians to make a healthy election choice – News Release

Ottawa, April 26, 2011 – Canada’s nurses united their voices today in a call to Canadians, urging them to make health care their top priority at the ballot box. Professional nursing associations, unions, educators, administrators and students have all come together to impress upon the electorate that this is a crucial election for the future of health care.

The winner of the May 2 election will lead negotiations for the next 10-year health accord between federal, provincial and territorial governments. Each of the parties has held out its vision for health care as well as its future spending and investment priorities. It’ll soon be up to Canadians to decide which vision will best serve the needs of their families for the next decade and beyond.

As every vote cast will help determine which direction medicare will take, this election is an important opportunity for Canadians to weigh in on a subject that touches us all in a very direct and profound way. “All voters need to act at this critical juncture,” said Judith Shamian, president of the Canadian Nurses Association. “Optimally, our next government will guide health system transformation to set strategic targets and health goals for our nation – and to invest in the tools that will enable us to get there.”

Health system transformation is at the top of the agenda for Canada’s nurses, who, Shamian added, are planning to launch a national expert commission in the lead up to the accord.

“The challenges faced by provincial and territorial health systems are remarkably similar. The accord negotiations represent an opportunity to tackle them as national issues, with national solutions – instead of re-inventing the wheel 13 times,” said Linda Silas, president of the Canadian Federation of Nurses Unions.

Which political party best reflects your vision for health care? Canada’s nurses are standing together to ask Canadian families to keep that question in mind on May 2.



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