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Canadian Nurses Association supports tax fairness for all Canadians

Ottawa, September 5, 2017 — Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) president Barb Shellian issued the following statement concerning federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s proposed changes to Canada’s tax system that address tax planning and the use of private corporations:

“CNA commends Minister Morneau’s aim to achieve federal tax policy that treats all sources of income similarly and equitably, based on the principles of social justice.

“Accordingly, CNA supports the proposed changes to the federal tax code that reasonably strengthen the rules on increasingly popular but potentially unfair tax advantages for incorporated high-income earners. CNA further recommends a more comprehensive review of the Canadian tax system with an eye to simplification and ensuring all hard-working Canadians are treated fairly and equitably.

“CNA strongly supports tax regimes that help small businesses thrive in Canada as these strengthen our economy and contribute to improved population health. We also believe every level of government has a duty to ensure all tax payers, including those earning the highest incomes, pay their fair share. We believe the aims of Minister Morneau’s proposed tax changes — first announced in the 2017 federal budget and currently open for broad consultation — are responsible and can continue to support eligible Canadians trying to grow small businesses. Regarding equitable options for saving for the future, whether through vehicles such as TFSAs or RRSPs, or through private corporations, all Canadians should have the same room to save.

“Should the proposed changes be adopted, provincial and territorial governments should see an increase in revenues that can be invested in strengthening our publicly funded health services, which in themselves employ thousands of salaried, highly-skilled professionals who pay their fair share of personal income taxes.

“While the final text and recommendations on changes to the tax system are subject to the approval of Minister Morneau, the consultations provide an excellent opportunity to study the various funding models for health services and health promotion across Canada. To enrich the consultation process, CNA encourages its members and the public to contact their federal MPs on this issue and to lend their voice about the goal of tax fairness for all Canadians.
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