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Canadian Nurses Association concerned about Quebec nurses’ unsafe work environments

Ottawa, February 27, 2018 — Mike Villeneuve, CEO of the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA), and Sylvain Brousseau, CNA board member representing Quebec, issued the following statement regarding Quebec’s nursing crisis:

“CNA reiterates its position in favour of quality workplaces for nurses across Canada,” said Villeneuve. “One of the fundamental rights for nurses is practising in a safe, healthy and humane workplace. To provide safe, competent and ethical care, a sufficient number of nurses is essential.”

“The current situation for nurses in Quebec is unacceptable. Compulsory overtime has become the norm and increased burnout remains a concern,” added Brousseau. “Quebec nurses commented on their insufficient numbers, which is leading to an increased, excessive and unsafe workload.”

“The Quebec government has a responsibility to rectify this situation by deploying more resources to support safe nursing staffing in all care settings,” said Villeneuve. “Whether we’re talking about home care, hospitals or other settings, we need to deploy effective multidisciplinary teams that work under reasonable conditions. By doing so, the nursing profession will become more attractive to young people and the rate of absenteeism and turnover will be reduced. This will help strengthen the quality of care for all Quebecers.”

“Quebec nurses from all walks of life can and must contribute to finding solutions and participating actively in debates on the future of our public health system,” said Brousseau. “We are demanding concrete and swift action from Quebec Health Minister Gaétan Barrette to put an immediate end to the nursing crisis that has been raging in the province for several years now. Quebecers are entitled to receive safe and quality care, which is impossible without the invaluable contribution of Quebec nurses.”


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