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Job Seeking: Writing a Resumé

Your resumé is your personal marketing tool, used to show an employer that you have the knowledge, skills, judgment and personal attributes to safely and ethically undertake a particular role, in a particular setting.

In the same way as a portfolio, your resumé should be constantly changing to reflect growth in your skills and experience. It could be argued that we should all have more than one resumé because we need to tailor it to match the skills that each potential employer is looking for.

This needn't be time-consuming, but regularly updating your resumé will pay long-term dividends because a current resumé can be used in many ways.

Try the Resumé functions exercise to see the various ways a versatile resumé can be used.

Resumé Functions

A resumé is a flexible tool that can be used for a number of reasons related to job applications.

Create a list of the ways you think you might use a resumé.

Resumé Cover Letter

The cover letter has two specific aims:

  • It introduces your resumé.
  • It asks for an interview.

Keep in mind when writing the cover letter:

  • Keep it brief; a wordy cover letter is a deterrent to reading the resumé.
  • Do not be tempted to duplicate what is covered in your resumé.