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Apply to participate in CNPE:F/AA exam development

A unique opportunity to advance the nursing profession

CNA is looking for nurse practitioners from across the country who are interested in contributing to the development of the national entry-to-practice exam for nurse practitioners — the Canadian Nurse Practitioner Examination: Family/All Ages (CNPE: F/AA).

How do you benefit?

By participating, you can

  • share your knowledge, skills and expertise;
  • network with nurses from across the country;
  • participate in the development of a national entry-to-practice exam;
  • contribute to your professional portfolio; develop skill sets in item writing for exams; and
  • bring prestige to your employer.

What is involved?

You will be required to travel to Ottawa for three to five days and work in groups of four to six nurses from across the country under the direction of a test consultant. Hotel and travel expenses are paid directly by CNA. There is a one-week time commitment.

How to apply?

The CNPE Exam Development Participation Form [PDF, 126.1 KB] is available through your regulatory body or on the CNA website.

The provincial/territorial regulatory body reviews the forms and nominates potential participants. Names of nominees are forwarded to CNA and the testing company, Yardstick Assessment Strategies Inc. (YASI), for inclusion on a national list. Names are removed from the list after three years, at which time a new application must be submitted to ensure accurate contact information as well as up-to-date information about employment and previous exam development participation.

When will I be contacted?

YASI contacts individuals to determine their availability to participate in upcoming sessions. The selection process is structured to maximize representation from all regulatory authorities. There is no guarantee that nominees will participate in more than one session or in any session.

For more information, e-mail CNA at info@cna-aiic.ca or contact your nursing regulatory authority.