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Indigenous Knowing Resources

This section represents a collaborative initiative between the Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada and the First Nations and Inuit Health Branch, Health Canada. Nurses, regardless of where they live or what domain they practice within, will at some point be involved in the care of aboriginal clients.

The resources within this section are offered to inform your cultural awareness, competency and safety so as to enhance your capacity to work with clients in addressing their health and wellness needs. You will find definitions and examples of culture awareness, culture competency and culture safety along with examples and literature that illustrate and support adaptive practices in various situations: primary care, chronic care, acute care, home care, palliative care, mental health and community care. This is an evolving site. Additional materials will be added as they are gathered.

Readers are encouraged to comment and to submit for consideration other evidence-based literature by contacting the Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada at info@anac.on.ca. Website: anac.on.ca

The First Nations and Inuit Nursing Tab’s mission is to support the health and wellness of aboriginal communities through the sharing of evidence-informed and culturally safe nursing knowledge.

The Aboriginal Nurses Association of Canada is recognized as the voice of aboriginal nurses and aboriginal nursing practices. Its mission is to improve the health of aboriginal people by supporting aboriginal nurses and by promoting the development and practice of aboriginal health nursing.