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The Library History

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About Dr Helen K Mussallem (PhD)

NurseONE.ca Digital Library Honours Outstanding Pioneer

Dr. Helen K. Mussallem, Executive Director of the Canadian Nurses Association (1963-1980), is the first lady of nursing. She was one of the first Canadian nurses to earn a doctoral degree in nursing education and has contributed to transforming the profession for the 21st century. In recognition of her lifelong dedication and tireless efforts to advance the profession, the Canadian Nurses Association has named the NurseONE.ca digital library in her honour.

The following is a profile of the formidable Dr. Helen K. Mussallem, originally published in November 2005 issue of Canadian Nurse, a peer-review journal published by the Canadian Nurses Association. Author Barbara Sibbald conveys the warmth and strength of a woman whose passion for nursing comes through loud and clear.

Profile of Dr. Helen K. Mussallem [PDF, 97.9 KB]