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Clinical Nurse Specialist Profiles

These stories show how clinical nurse specialists (CNSs) use their extensive experience to meet the health needs of Canadians in a wide variety of health-care settings. CNSs integrate clinical, research, leadership, consultation and collaboration competencies into a wide variety of practice environments.

Sonia Boccardi, RN, MN, CNCC (C)

Read Sonia’s Q-and-A

Paul-André Gauthier, RN, MN, TCC, DMD, PhD

Read Paul-André’s Q-and-A

Martha Mackay, RN, PhD, CCN(C)

British Columbia and Yukon
Read Martha’s Q-and-A

Josephine Muxlow, RN, MS, CPMHN(C)

Atlantic Canada
Read Josephine’s Q-and-A

Heather Richardson, RN, MN, NLCP, LNC

Alberta and Northwest Territories
Read Heather’s Q-and-A

Tamara Wells, RN, MN, CHPCN (C), IIWCC

Read Tamara’s Q-and-A