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Expert Presentations

Health Impact Assessment (HIA): A Tool to Promote Healthy Public Policies
A National Collaborating Centre for Healthy Public Policy generic PowerPoint presentation that can be personalized to disseminate HIA-related information (complete with speaking notes).

Rapid Health Impact Assessment
A PowerPoint presentation by Human Impact Partners, from the 2012 International Conference on HIA, that focuses on how to complete an HIA within three-months.

Rapid HIA
Sample Rapid Health Impact Assessment used for the Farmers Field Rapid HIA Project in California.

HIA: Impartial or Advocacy Tool
This PowerPoint presentation from public health consultant John Kemm, given at the 2011 International Conference on HIA, discusses issues that can arise when using HIA as an advocacy tool.

"Local Voices": The Potential for HIA in Raising the Bar on Public Participation
A PowerPoint presentation from the Cardiff Institute of Society and Health, delivered at the 2011 International Conference on HIA. It summarizes the main difficulties in integrating public participation into decision-making processes, as well as how HIA can help foster public participation.