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Training Materials

Health Impact Assessment in Practice: eLearning Course
From Scotland’s National Health Service, this is an online course developed in 2008 that provides worksheets for each health impact assessment (HIA) step, which can be particularly useful for educators. 

HIA for Planning, Land Use and Transportation Decisions
A consortium of several organizations interested in urban planning and HIA developed this series of six PowerPoint learning modules on HIA in an urban planning context.

Health Impact Assessment: An Overview
A pre-recorded webinar, entitled Facets of Health Impact Assessment: Sharing Experiences and Insights, on the theoretical foundations of HIA and its five-step process (20 mins.).

Facets of Health Impact Assessment: Sharing Experiences and Insights
A video in which several HIA experts share their experiences on an array of topics: public participation, equity within HIA, the value of collaboration, etc. (45 min).