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Expert Presentations and Research

Tools to Get You Started with Health in All Policies
This presentation by Karen Ben-Moshe of the California Department of Public Health provides three tools to help initiate a local Health in All Policies approach: building a healthy community framework, identifying a set of aspirational goals and mapping the root causes of community health problems.

Finding the Win-Win: Mechanisms to Put Health in Public Policies
This presentation by Sherry Nigro, manager of health promotion and disease prevention for Ottawa Public Health, describes two municipal projects in the city in which health considerations were integrated, while identifying incentives and ways to leverage relationships for each partner.

Getting Started with HiAP
A presentation by Wilfred Laurier University professor Ketan Shankardass, who presents the results of an exhaustive literature review on the implementation of the Health in All Policies approach around the world. Based on this review, he offers four ways to move the Health in All Policies agenda forward in Ontario.  

Implementing HiAP: Health in All Meets Horizontal Government
This presentation by University of Ottawa professor Patrick Fafard concerns horizontal governance, which allows for (or facilitates) the Health in All Policies approach. Using a political science perspective, he highlights the main issues related to the integration of governance within governments.

Health in All Policies: A Tool to Promote the Social Determinants of Health and Health Equity
This succinct presentation by Julia Caplan, project lead on the Health in All Policies Task Force for the California Department of Public Health, outlines the key elements and values of the Health in All Policies approach that help to define it and distinguish it from other similar approaches.

Reducing Health Inequities: The Contribution of Core Public Health Services in B.C.
Incorporating a multiple-methods approach, this paper by Pauly, MacDonald, Hancock, Martin and Perkin (2013) examines the basis for disparities in good health in the Canadian population, despite the existence of universal health care, while outlining the importance of public health in stimulating greater action on health equity.