Conversations with the President and Past President

Conversations with the President and Past President

CNA’s leadership team, including president Tim Guest, are committed to engaging with and informing our members on important issues surrounding COVID-19.

Media interviews

“Some of what we are hearing from nurses across Canada is when they assess their risk based on what they see clinically, they want the ability to wear the personal protective equipment they feel is most appropriate. At times, nurses and health-care workers want to over-protect themselves. One of the biggest messages CNA has for government is that they need to support the clinician’s ability to make that choice.”

Tim Guest, CNA president

  • November 24: Global News – ‘Behavior changed’: Emergency hospital visits fell 50% in early days of pandemic

Claire Betker (2018-2020 president) interviews:

  • May 7: CTV – increasing wages for essential workers
  • March 31: CBC — PPE shortages
  • March 27: CTV — PPE shortages
  • March 26: Siruis XM — effects of COVID on nurses
  • March 13: CTV — protecting essential workers
  • February 3: CTV — effects of COVID-19

Coffee with Claire Betker (2018-2020 president)

CNA heard from our members that among all the emerging science and social media opinions circulating, there is a need for current, reliable evidence-based information on COVID-19. In response, CNA president Claire Betker hosted a series of conversations with experts and question-and-answer sessions with nurses across Canada. The final webinar was held on June 4, 2020.

Watch a recording of any of the live webinars you may have missed:

June 4: Impact of COVID-19 on vulnerable populations

May 22: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on COVID-19

May 12: Special day and theme to coincide with the 200th anniversary of Florence Nightingale’s birth

May 8: Long-term care

May 1: Perspectives, impact and considerations of COVID-19 in Indigenous communities

April 24: Conversations on COVID-19 with CNA’s president

April 17: Mental health and psychological safety for nurses responding to COVID-19

April 9: PPE and ethical dilemmas

April 3: Conversations on COVID-19 with CNA’s president