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Parliamentary Events


Parliamentary reception

CNA held a parliamentary reception on November 21 that was co-hosted with assistant deputy Speaker Carol Hughes, MP, Kamal Khera, MP, and Marilyn Gladu, MP. CNA president Barb Shellian delivered a talk about how to reduce the harms of non-medical cannabis use. See CNA’s Facebook page for photos from this event.



Hill Day

On November 22 CNA hosted our 2016 Hill Day in the Centre Block of Canada’s Parliament.

Over several hours, our board of directors met with parliamentarians to discuss key recommendations outlined in Innovative Ways to Provide Better Access to Health Care for All [PDF, 297.3 KB] — CNA’s submission for the 2017 pre-budget consultation process. Nurses’ unique and direct interactions with patients and families mean they have valuable insights and innovative solutions about how to improve home care in Canada to meet the health needs of all Canadians.

Our recommendations would lead to:

  • More transparency and accountability for federal health transfers
  • Better access to home- and community-based care
  • A stronger economy through improved support for caregivers
  • Greater integration of health services

As part of our Hill Day activities, CNA also hosted an interactive breakfast reception that gave parliamentarians an overview of home care services and programs across Canada. The breakfast provided an opportunity for those attending to discuss innovative approaches for improving these services and programs. CNA board members, representing 10 provincial and territorial nursing associations and regulatory colleges, specialty nursing groups and nursing students, were also in attendance.

Summary of the breakfast event:

  • Opening remarks by Anne Sutherland Boal, CNA chief executive officer and master of ceremonies
  • Introduction by Dr. Hedy Fry, MP for Vancouver Centre
  • Remarks from Kamal Khera, MP for Brampton West and parliamentary secretary to the minister of health
  • Barb Shellian, CNA president, provides a portrait of home care services and programs across Canada and discusses innovative approaches for establishing a more effective health-care system.