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Election 2019

CNA’s Election Platform

The federal election is October 21, 2019. CNA’s election platform makes four recommendations for consideration by political leaders and parties:

  1. Support caregivers financially by amending federal tax laws:
    • Make the existing Canada caregiver credit fully refundable
    • Extend the federal compassionate care benefits to include a two-week period for bereavement.
  2. Adopt and implement a universal, single-payer pharmacare program that is sustainable and evidence-based
  3. Invest in technology-enabled virtual care beyond hospital walls, including the scale-up and spread of existing technologies in homes and communities
  4. Implement climate change and health strategies that:
    • Prevent and reduce the negative health effects of climate change
    • Increase health research and public education
    • Provide stable long-term funding to the health sector that addresses the effects of climate change

Read and learn more on our election website.

Nurses have an important role to play in political advocacy and can exert significant influence on policy-makers’ decisions. You have many more ways to get your voice heard during the federal election beyond marking a ballot and our toolkit can help!

We encourage you to contact your local candidates or the political parties, send letters, meet them and join the conversation on social media using #CNA2019.

CNA’s platform recommendations, which were unveiled at a June press conference on Parliament Hill, are intended to guide federal election candidates toward action that will improve the health and well-being of people in Canada.