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Sodium Reduction Strategy

Healthy public policy for a healthy Canada

CNA joined Libby Davies, deputy leader of the New Democratic Party (NDP) and official health critic, and the Centre for Science in the Public Interest to introduce Davies’ sodium reduction strategy. Bill C-460 will require food manufacturers to lower sodium levels or clearly alert consumers that a product contains high sodium levels. This bill will help ensure that consumers have easy access to objective, clear and straightforward information about a food product, thereby helping Canadians to make healthier choices.

By reducing and regulating the amount of sodium in everyday foods, the government can combat high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease — serious health conditions that affect millions of Canadians. Bill C-460 would save more than a billion dollars in health-care spending, not to mention prevent premature death, extend healthy life and boost productivity for Canada’s economy.

This bill is a prime example of the healthy public policy CNA rigorously advocates for. We urge governments to take into account the impact all policies, laws and public programs may have on health as part of their planning process.

Read CNA’s Halt the Salt report to better understand the risks of excessive sodium intake.

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