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Health in All Policies

Health is everywhere

The holistic care that RNs provide means they understand how a person’s health is affected by everything in life — jobs, money, education, living conditions, and so much more.

It’s vital that government leaders also understand these connections.

We have been working to make governments realize that all their public policies, laws and programs affect health. It’s a strategy that is also clearly important to Canadians; a national poll showed an overwhelming majority of respondents support a Health in All Policies approach.

Explore the links below to learn more about how health is everywhere and why health must be in all policies — and what you can do about it.

Nurses’ stories — see how health impact assessments have helped these nurses make a difference

Toolkit — contains extensive resources, including health impact assessment guides

National Action Plan [PDF, 650.2 KB] — outcome of the CNA National Expert Commission

Download and see if you can spot all the factors that affect good health [PDF, 2.4 MB].