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Our Approach

The Vision

When it reports in June of this year, the National Expert Commission’s evidence-based recommendations will propose a vision along with targeted solutions for a national health care system that promotes better health, delivers better care and manages health dollars wisely and sustainably.

Getting There

To get to this vision, many decisions and changes will be required to transform Canada’s health care system. The Commission’s final report will demonstrate that nurses are more than ready to take on leadership roles in that transformation – on the front-line delivery and in public policy development. Many of the Commission’s recommendations will also be aimed at accelerating the implementation of policies and programs that improve the quality, access, efficiency and affordability of services within Canada’s publicly funded, not-for-profit health system.

Triple Aim Framework

And so, the themes of Better HealthBetter Care and Better Value will form the framework for the Commission’s inquiry and its final report. This triple aim approach, developed by the Institute for Health Improvement in the United States, is being shared and utilized in health care reforms around the world because it addresses the three dimensions of care: the health of the population, the experience of care for individuals within the population, and the per capita cost of providing that care.

Through its review of Best Nursing practices and innovations, the Commission will also explore and recommend the best ways to deploy and employ nurses across the continuum of care settings so that, going forward, they exert the most positive impact on health, health care, and cost/value.

A Foundation of Consultation and Evidence

All of the input received by the Commission via its consultations, and through its highly targeted research and public opinion polling programs, will be channeled into a final report based on the triple aim framework of Better Health, Better Care and Better Value.