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Best Nursing

Rachel Bard (CNA CEO) and Judith Shamian (CNA President) contribute to Commission deliberations.

The Commission’s Better Health, Better Care and Better Value framework allowed a focus on the “big picture” components that require attention as Canada’s health-care system evolves. How individual nurses and the nursing profession will do their part to transform health care has been the Commission’s central preoccupation. From coast to coast, the Commission heard about the achievements and innovations of nurses. In primary health care, public health, nursing education, public policy and program design, and as key partners on interdisciplinary teams, nurses are in the vanguard of health-care reform.

The Commission’s final report encourages nurses to continue to innovate and challenges them to reach their full potential as agents of change. The report highlights the Best Nursing approaches that can contribute to more stable, caring and sustainable health care in Canada.

Read the full report [PDF, 3.8 MB] to find out more about nurse-lead solutions, or find out more about nursing innovations. The Commission’s YouTube collection has also gathered a variety of instructional and inspirational stories.