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Better Value

Within the Commission’s Better Health, Better Care and Better Value framework for inquiry, the Better Value theme challenges all Canadians and their governments. Are we getting the most value for the investments we are making in the health-care system? Are there better ways to manage and deploy available resources? Do we have reliable ways to measure the success and effectiveness of certain health-care services in terms of improving health outcomes? And how does our health-care system affect our capacity for success as a nation and in the world around us?


To inform the Commission in areas where more advanced analysis and knowledge than could be gleaned from existing literature was needed, three peer-reviewed research syntheses were commissioned through our partner, the Canadian Health Services Research Foundation (CHSRF). The commissioned research illuminates the Commission’s triple aim framework of Better Health, Better Care, Better Value.

Better Value was the focus of a commissioned research study-Analysis of the impact of current health care system funding and financing models and the value of health and health care in Canada -developed for the Commission.

Full research report [PDF, 1.5 MB]
Executive Summary [PDF, 369.8 KB]

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