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Top 5 in 5

National Expert Commission: Top 5 in 5

CNA release Canada’s Top 5 in 5 [PDF, 1.8 MB], a list of priority goals addressing the health status of Canadians and the performance of the health system. Our challenge is to improve Canada’s global ranking on five indicator-based goals in the next five years by

  • increasing the percentage of primary care practices offering after-hours care;
  • increasing chronic disease case management and navigational capacity in primary care;
  • increasing Canadians’ access to electronic health information and services;
  • reducing hospital admissions for uncontrolled diabetes-related conditions; and
  • reducing the prevalence of childhood obesity.

Consensus on the Top 5 in 5 was reached at a conference CNA convened in June. The Canadian health leaders and technical experts in attendance included representatives from provincial/territorial health councils and ministries, regional health authorities and the federal government along with academics and health-system administrators.

At the heart of these goals is our determination to make real change in Canada’s population health and ensure equitable access to the same quality care for every Canadian — regardless of who they are or where they live.

The case for Canada’s Top 5 in 5

Canada’s Top 5 in 5:

  • Represents systemic issues that have a high health burden and a corresponding value for the Canadian population
  • Reflects public priorities for health care and health-system change
  • trikes a balance between health-system and health-status improvement
  • Is framed within a context of population health and health equity
  • Represents a Canadian health-care agenda that health leaders, service organizations, providers and patients can stand behind
  • Provides an important point of focus for our nation’s health-care stakeholders