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Environmental Scans

Environmental scanning is one of CNA’s core functions. Environmental scans capture key trends and issues that may impact the policy work and programs of CNA and its members. Its findings are intended to inform the CNA board’s strategic decision-making.

CNA personnel develop environmental scans twice each year in preparation for the spring and fall board meetings. Part of this process includes collecting data from board members, the Canadian Network of Nursing Specialties and our jurisdictional members.

Beginning in 2016, CNA is posting executive summaries of the environmental scans. These summaries provide a high-level overview of current and emerging developments — in nursing, the health system and society at large — that could impact CNA operations and membership or the nursing profession.

2016 Environmental scan executive summaries
November 2016 [PDF, 295.7 KB]
June 2016 [PDF, 450 KB]