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Syrian Refugees

Refugees coming to Canada from Syria have escaped situations of war, persecution and torture. They are vulnerable and are far from family and their own country and culture. For these people to learn a new language, become productive citizens and provide for their children, health and well-being are essential.


Link to information on refugee children and youth in Canada from our Social Determinants of Health page.

Interim Federal Health Program (IFHP)
Medavie Blue Cross’s Information Handbook for Health Care Professionals provides detailed instructions on the program and shows how to register as an IFHP-approved provider. IFHP Provider Registration form [PDF, 52.2 KB]

For additional information on the services included in basic, supplemental and medication coverage, we invite you to visit the Medavie Blue Cross provider website.

Public Health Agency of Canada
Operation Syrian Refugees: Questions and Answers from Provinces and Territories [PDF, 190.2 KB]
Health Status of Syrian Refugees [PDF, 281.5 KB]
Health Case Details [PDF, 74 KB]