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Non-Nursing Organizations

We encourage organizations that do not meet our definition of a nursing organization to co-develop activities with a nursing organization.


Co-development is the process by which two or more organizations — at least one of which must be a nursing organization — collaborate to develop an accredited educational activity, learning resource or tool. Please note the following important policy guidelines:

  • The nursing organization must be involved in planning all aspects of the CPD activity from the beginning, or it must have reviewed the program before it was submitted for accreditation.
  • The CPD provider organization holds responsibility for receiving any financial and in-kind support for the development of an accredited activity.
  • The nursing organization must be represented on the planning committee.
  • The nursing organization is accountable for ensuring that the administrative, educational and ethical accreditation standards for group learning activities are met.
  • The nursing organization must be represented on the certificates of participation.
  • The nursing organization’s contact information must be documented on the application for CNA accreditation.

Procedure for developing a program

Step 1: Identify the organization you want to work with

Non-nursing organizations initiating a project should bear in mind CNA’s definition of a nursing organization when choosing whom to approach about co-development.

Step 2: Contact your prospective co-developer

Contact the prospective nursing organization before the planning begins, as they must be involved from the beginning. Discuss a co-development arrangement and share your ideas for the activity.

Step 3: Ensure you comply with co-development requirements

It is the nursing organization’s responsibility to ensure that the co-development policies outlined above are met, as well as any other guidelines provided by CNA.

Step 4: Contact CNA

One of the organizations should contact us as soon as possible. Discuss our accreditation procedures, including our administrative fees and timelines. Review the application form to ensure you can provide all the necessary information.

Step 5: Fill out and submit the application form

Either organization can fill out and submit CNA’s application form.

Step 6: Wait for response from CNA

After we receive and review your application, we will do one of the following:

  • Grant accreditation based on a successful application
  • Grant conditional accreditation approval requiring minor modifications to the activity
  • Require an additional full review requiring major modifications to the activity
  • Reject the application

Our response will be sent to the organization that submitted the request.

Step 7: If approved, add statement to program materials

If your activity receives CNA accreditation approval, it must carry a disclaimer statement, which we will provide.