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Nursing Organization

CNA defines “nursing organization” as a not-for-profit group of health professionals with a formal governance structure. The organization serves and is accountable to its specialist nurse members and others by providing continuing professional development (CPD), health care, and/or research.

Examples of nursing organizations:

  • Faculties of nursing
  • Health authorities and/or hospital departments or divisions
  • Nursing societies
  • Nursing associations
  • Nursing academies
  • Canadian provincial/territorial nursing regulatory authorities

Note that our definition excludes for-profit organizations and ventures, government agencies and disease-specific advocacy groups.

Examples of non-nursing organizations:

  • Pharmaceutical companies and their advisory groups
  • Medical and surgical supply companies
  • Medical device companies
  • Communication companies
  • Disease-oriented patient advocacy organizations (e.g., Diabetes Canada)
  • Government departments or agencies (e.g., Health Canada, Public Health Agency of Canada)
  • Medical education or communications companies (e.g., CME Group)
  • For-profit online educators, publishing companies or simulation companies
  • Small groups of nurses working together to develop educational programming