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Code of Ethics

for Registered Nurses


9. Nurses intervene if others inappropriately access or disclose the personal or

health information of persons who are receiving or have previously received care.

10. In the use of

social media

, nurses safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of

persons and other colleagues (CNA, 2012).

11. Inallareasofpractice,nursessafeguardtheimpactnewandemergingtechnologies

can have on patient privacy and confidentiality,

professional boundaries


and the professional image of individual nurses and the organizations in which

they work (CNA, 2012). They are also sensitive to ethical conduct in their use of

electronic records, ensuring accurate data entry and avoiding the falsification

or alteration of documentation.

F. Promoting Justice

Nurses uphold principles of justice by safeguarding

human rights

, equity and


and by promoting the

public good


Ethical responsibilities:

1. Nurses do not discriminate on the basis of a person’s race, ethnicity,



political and spiritual beliefs, social or marital status, gender, gender identity,

gender expression, sexual orientation, age, health status, place of origin, lifestyle,

mental or physical ability, socio-economic status, or any other attribute.

2. Nurses respect the special history and interests of Indigenous Peoples as

articulated in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada’s (TRC)


to Action


3. Nurses refrain from judging, labelling, stigmatizing and humiliating behaviours

toward persons receiving care or toward other health-care providers, students

and each other.

4. Nurses do not engage in any form of lying, punishment or torture or any form of

unusual treatment or action that is inhumane or degrading. They refuse to be

complicit in such behaviours. They intervene, and they report such behaviours if

observed or if reasonable grounds exist to suspect their occurrence.

5. Nurses provide care for all persons including those seen as victims and/or

abusers and refrain from any form of

workplace bullying

(CNA, 2016a).

6. Nurses make fair decisions about the allocation of resources under their control

based on the needs of persons receiving care. They advocate for fair treatment

and fair distribution of resources.