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Page Background

Code of Ethics

for Registered Nurses


5. Nurses maintain their

fitness to practise

. If they are aware that they do not

have the necessary physical, mental or emotional capacity to practise safely and

competently, they withdraw from the provision of care after consulting with their

employer. If they are self-employed, they arrange for someone else to attend to

their clients’ health-care needs. Nurses then take the necessary steps to regain

their fitness to practise, in consultation with appropriate professional resources.

6. Nurses are attentive to signs that a colleague is unable, for whatever reason,

to perform their duties. In such a case, nurses will take the necessary steps to

protect the safety of persons receiving care (see Appendix B).

7. If nursing care is requested that is in conflict with the nurse’s moral beliefs

and values but in keeping with professional practice, the nurse provides safe,

compassionate, competent and ethical care until alternative care arrangements

are in place to meet the person’s needs or desires. But nothing in the Criminal

Code compels an individual to provide or assist in providing medical assistance

in dying. If nurses can anticipate a conflict with their conscience, they notify

their employers or persons receiving care (if the nurse is self-employed) in

advance so alternative arrangements can be made (see Appendix B).

8. Nurses identify and address

conflictsof interest

. They disclose actual or potential

conflicts of interest that arise in their professional roles and relationships and

resolve them in the interest of the needs and concerns of persons receiving care.

9. Nurses share their knowledge and provide feedback, mentorship and guidance

for the professional development of nursing students, novice nurses, other

nurses and other health-care providers (see Appendix B).

10. Nurses advocate for more comprehensive and


mental health care

services across age groups, socio-cultural backgrounds and geographic regions.