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Canadian Nurses Association

Part II. Ethical Endeavours Related to Broad

Societal Issues

Ethical nursing practice addresses broad aspects of social justice that

are associated with health and well-being.

These aspects are focused on

improving systems and societal structures to create greater equity for all. Individually

and collectively, nurses keep abreast of current issues and concerns and are strong

advocates for fair policies and practices. They can do so by:

1. Advocating for publicly administered health systems that ensure accessibility,

universality, portability and comprehensiveness in necessary health-care services.

2. Utilizing the principles of primary health care for the benefit of the public and

persons receiving care.

3. Recognizing and working to address organizational, social, economic and political

factors that influence health and well-being within the context of nurses’ roles in

the delivery of care.

4. Advocating for a full continuumof accessible health-care services at the right time,

in the right place, by the right provider. This continuum includes health promotion,

disease prevention and diagnostic, restorative, rehabilitative and palliative care

services in hospitals, nursing homes, home care and the community.

5. Recognizing the significance of social determinants of health and advocating

for policies and programs that address them (e.g., safe housing, supervised

consumption sites).

6. Maintaining an awareness of major health concerns, such as poverty, inadequate

shelter, food insecurity and violence, while working for social justice (individually

and with others) and advocating for laws, policies and procedures that bring

about equity.

7. Working with people and advocating for expanding the range of available

health-care choices.

8. Collaborating with other health-care team members and professional

organizations to advocate for changes to unethical health and social policies,

legislation and regulations.