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Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medals

CNA celebrates Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee

At a special ceremomy in Ottawa on March 5, 2013, CNA recognized 30 registered nurses (RNs) for their outstanding contribution to nursing and health care with Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee medals. The recipients from across the country were selected by provincial/territorial nursing colleges and associations and awarded their medals at an event that included Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq, CNA president Barb Mildon, CNA CEO Rachel Bard.

The evening was an opportunity to celebrate RNs who represent the best in nursing leadership. President Barb Mildon acknowledged the recipients for their leadership, commitment, passion and pride, and for giving their best to the nursing profession. Read the president’s congratulatory remarks [PDF, 78.8 KB].

Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal recipients were honoured at a special ceremony hosted by CNA and attended by distinguished guests.
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Participation in the medal program

In collaboration with its jurisdictional members, CNA was invited to award 30 Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medals to exemplary RNs across the country. After the Governor General of Canada had provided these one-time commemorative medals to CNA, we asked each of our provincial and territorial jurisdictions to nominate deserving RNs.

We are now happy to announce the recipients.

Honouring dedication to Canada

Created to mark the 60th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s reign, the medals honour Canadians who have dedicated themselves to the service of their fellow citizens, their community and their country.

In 2013, Diamond Jubilee Medals will be given to 60,000 Canadians for their achievements and contributions. The medal program is administered by the Governor General’s office, which has connected with partner organizations — including CNA — to ensure that Canadians from a variety of fields receive this honour.

Theresa Agnew

Theresa Agnew, Ontario

Theresa Agnew, BA, RN, BScN, PHCNP, has had a distinguished nursing career over the past three decades and has contributed significantly to the nursing…


Pam Archibald

Pam Archibald, Saskatchewan

Pam Archibald, RN(NP), has worked in a variety of settings, including emergency room, surgical and a northern nursing station. These positions provided her…


Elsie Duff

Elsie Duff, Manitoba

Elsie Duff, NP, BScN, MEd, ANP, has been a registered nurse/nurse practitioner (NP) for 23 years. She is an educator, leader and clinician who has advanced the…


Wendy Duggleby

Wendy Duggleby, Alberta

Wendy Duggleby, PhD, RN, AOCN®, through her active “living with hope” program of research, has developed innovative ways of communicating her findings…


Lisa Guidry

Lisa Guidry, New Brunswick

Lisa Guidry, RN, BN, MN-NP, currently holds a position with Horizon Health Network as a nurse practitioner (NP) in gerontology, providing primary health care…


Natalie Haché Losier

Natalie Haché Losier, New Brunswick

Natalie Haché Losier, RN, BN, CNA oncology nursing certification, is currently enrolled in the thesis stream of a master of nursing program while working full…


Landon Graham James

Landon Graham James, British Columbia

Landon Graham James, RN, BSN, MA, CEN, PCP, has had an exemplary career in nursing spanning the past 15 years. He began his career early as an ER nurse and…


Leah Jamnicky

Leah Jamnicky, Ontario

Leah Jamnicky, RN, BScN, has developed countless patient-education materials and programs. She is the urological resource for the multidisciplinary staff…


Heather Jewers

Heather Jewers, Nova Scotia

Heather Jewers, RN, BScN, MN, CNA specialty certification in palliative care, has been a registered nurse in Nova Scotia for 38 years and is currently…


Heather Johnson

Heather Johnson, the Yukon

With nurses in practice like Heather Johnson, RN, MN, the nursing profession is in very good hands. From the time she arrived in Whitehorse many years ago,…


Heather Keith

Heather Keith, Saskatchewan

Heather Keith, RN(NP), began her career as a general duty nurse before moving into critical care nursing in an urban care center. In 1999, Heather’s passion…


Janet Lapins

Janet Lapins, Alberta

Janet Lapins, RN, BscN, has provided the kind of extraordinary health-system leadership that makes Alberta a provincial leader in the use of best evidence. As…


Patrice (Patty) Lindsay

Patrice Lindsay, Ontario

Patrice (Patty) Lindsay (inf. aut., Ph. D.) a contribué de façon remarquable aux soins de l’AVC en Ontario, au Canada et à l’étranger. Mme Lindsay a…


Lenora Marcellus

Lenora Marcellus, British Columbia

The commendable contribution of Lenora Marcellus, RN, BSN, MN, PhD, to the women and neonates of British Columbia sets her apart as a passionate advocate for…



Donna Mendel, British Columbia

As 2004 Jeanne Mance Award-winner Ginette Lemire Rodger once said, “Things don’t change by themselves. You have to be active to mould the environment in…


Thelma Midori

Thelma Midori, British Columbia

Thelma Midori, RN, BSN, MEd, was an extraordinary and visionary nurse educator who was hired by Camosun College to coordinate Vancouver Island’s first…


Mary Morris

Mary Morris, Nova Scotia

Mary Morris, BN, RN, COHNC, COHN, CRSP, CHRP, with a resumé that includes employment in construction, hospitality, aviation, tourism, telecommunication,…


Donna Murnaghan

Donna Murnaghan, Prince Edward Island

Donna Murnaghan, RN, MN, PhD, is one of two founding faculty members at the University of Prince Edward Island’s school of nursing. As a nurse educator with…


Bernadette (Bernie) Pauly

Bernadette Pauly, British Columbia

Bernadette (Bernie) Pauly, RN, BScN, MN, PhD, is an associate professor in the school of nursing at the University of Victoria and a scientist in the Centre…


Brenda Poulton

Brenda Poulton, British Columbia

Brenda Poulton, RN, MN, NP, has been a driving force for improving pain treatment locally, provincially and nationally. Her career highlights include the…


Sandra Reilly

Sandra Reilly, Alberta

Sandra Reilly, RN, EdD, Med, BScN, has devoted her career to practice, teaching and research in the area of community health, with particular focus on child…


Josephine (Josie) Santos

Josephine Santos, Ontario

Josephine (Josie) Santos, RN, MN, is a registered nurse with a specialty in gerontology. She is also the program manager for the Registered Nurses’…


Barb Shellian

Barb Shellian, Alberta

Barb Shellian, RN, MN, is a visionary nurse leader whose contributions to the advancement of nursing in the interest of the public span her professional…


Tracey Taulu

Tracey Taulu, British Columbia

Tracey Taulu, RN, BSN, MHA, stands out as a leader in multiple aspects of management: change, quality assurance, education, provincial and national…


Anna Tumchewics

Anna Tumchewics, Northwest Territories

Anna Tumchewics, RN, BScN, DipOPN, ET, has been a northern nurse for more than 30 years. Her quiet demeanor and sense of humor make her memorable to everyone…


Ardene Vollman

Ardene Vollman, Alberta

The research focus of Ardene Vollman, PhD, MA, BScN, is vulnerable populations, communicable diseases and health promotion. A founding member of the University…


Ruth Walden

Ruth Walden, Ontario

Ruth Walden, RN, has been a medical adjudicator in the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) disability program since 1993. While the predominantly male group of…


Karen Wall

Karen Wall, Manitoba

Karen Wall, RN, MN, BScN, has been a registered nurse for 42 years. She has been instrumental in leading nursing education in Manitoba both through tumultuous…


Beverly White

Beverly White, Newfoundland and Labrador

Beverly White, RN, BN, MScN, CCHN(C), has held a variety of positions over the past decade on the Association of Registered Nurses of Newfoundland and…


Lorraine M. Wright

Lorraine Wright, Alberta

Lorraine M. Wright, RN, PhD, is a towering local and international leader in the field of family nursing. Dr. Wright’s clinical scholarship changed the face…